What is Vision-CV and how you can benefit using it?

We are writing about HR tips, tricks and trends, however we have never written about our tool Vision-CV.pl and how you can benefit from it.

Vision-CV.pl is a video recruitment tool for HR specialists and managers, which helps to save time and choose the best candidate for the face-to-face interview.


How you can benefit:

  1. Save 60% of your time: your candidates record video answers, which you can watch anytime and invite only the best of them for a face-to face meeting
  2. No need to schedule a call or meeting in order to process all candidates
  3. No need to install software, everything is online
  4. Cut the hiring costs: spend your time only on the best candidates, avoid the costs related to a bad hire
  5. Spend 5 minutes on a Vision-CV interview instead of 45 min of call or meeting with an inappropriate candidate

“There is a personality behind each CV”

How do your candidates benefit:

  1. Show their talents, communication skills, language skills and motivation
  2. New way to stand out from the crowd
  3. No need to schedule a meeting
  4. It is really comfortable for candidates who work and search for new opportunities at the same time. There is no need for them to have a call during the working hours or take a day off from their current job to visit your office at the first stage of the recruitment process
  5. Geographically unlimited: no time zone or location limits, just technology power

What are the key features:

  • Run remote video recruitment when you are offline
  • Video interviews are automated, just create questions, set time for reply and send it to your applicants. You can run interviews when you are asleep.
  • Watch video replies at any time you need
  • Create tasks and set time needed to complete it
  • All questions and tasks are spontaneous: candidates won’t see next question or task before they ended the previous one
  • Evaluate candidates with your team online
  • Candidates’ interface is available in English, Polish, Czech and Slovak languages

“Recruit when you are asleep”

Let’s take a look on how it works:

  1. Create a job vacancy: set the language of recruitment (candidates interface), add description, start date and deadline for video replies

2. Add questions, set time. All your applicants will receive the same questions.

 3. Invite your candidates in 1 click, create a personalized message

4. Candidates receive an e-mail invitation for video interview, record their answers at any time before the deadline

5. Watch and evaluate with your team

You can learn more using our free trial. 🙂 We are happy to connect great companies with great people.

If you have any ideas, questions or insights please drop us an email at contact@vision-cv.pl or contact us via our online chat at vision-cv.pl.


Vision-CV Team


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