10 ways to make your team happy

How to motivate your best employees and create a dream team is the question which appears in the heads of most managers and directors. Smart manager knows clearly that it is crucial to take care of each team member on the regular basis. Bonuses, parties are well known ways to make your team happy, however with time it became a cliche. Nowadays you need to apply more imagination and creativity in order to keep and motivate your best employees.
Such things like a comfortable working place, coffee machine and Christmas party are quite obvious.
so, what are the other ways to make your team happy?

1. Flexible working hours

This one is quite  common nowadays, however you still can match this approach to your organization. For example the working day at your company can start from 8:00 AM till 10:00 AM and lasts for 8 hours. This gives some flexibility to your company and can be applied for each working day or only on Fridays etc.

2. Provide bonuses for those who take care of their health

For example each half of a year pay bonuses to those employees who was not on the sick leave during that period of time.

3. Praise publicly each employee for doing a great work

Recognizing your staff’s success and even effort is extremely important. People need to feel the appreciation.

4. Company gift on a special day

Company can invest in small gifts for an employee who has a birthday or another special occasion such as wedding.

5. Let your employees to choose.

For example instead of giving a money bonus to your employees you can make them choose the gift they want: SPA or fitness certificate, dinner at the fancy restaurant.

 6. Take care of employees’ families

This includes some tickets to the cinema or funding the trips for kids during summer vacations.

7. Additional day off

In case if you do not have a budget for money bonuses or gifts you can offer your employee an additional day off as a bonus for a great work.

8. Pet day

If your office and company culture allows and if your team/organization is small you can try to organize a pet day once a week or once a month, so employees can bring their dogs to the office that day. It may sound crazy and this approach can not be applied for most of the offices or simply just because someone has an allergy etc. However in some situations this method can be applied.

9. Entertainment

It may be a relaxation zone with comfortable sofas and sounds of nature in the background or a PlayStation corner etc. You can think of several options and ask people to vote.

10. Library, DVD “rent”

You can organize a corner with books and DVD, so employees can take some home for reading and watching. Don’t forget to update the shelves from time to time.

Of course money bonuses can be one of the best ways to motivate your employees, however if you can not create a good, comfortable, friendly working environment, money won’t help to stop them from leaving.
Keep in mind that a good leader have to create a group of complementary personalities.  It is important for people to notice the strengths and weaknesses of each other, so the group work will be build on supporting each other. Remember that personal attitude should not influence on business decisions, behavior and work should be done.
We hope that you will like these tips and your employees will become more motivated and full of energy.

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